Friday, July 17, 2009

Peter Harvey is a hero

There, I said it. Not too smart now are you little Johnny? You should have shut the fuck up when I told you to. Little brat. Maybe a good old fashioned coma will teach you a lesson or two about respect.

Every school should have a picture of this guy hanging in the lobby. The man should be cloned and an army of Peter Harvey's deployed (with truncheons) to bring justice to our education system. If you don't agree with me you are wrong. This guy is stronger than Chuck Norris, which admittedly isn't saying that much because Chuck Norris is a gigantic pussy.

Peter Harvey jokes:

Talk about police interference! Mansfield science teacher, Peter Harvey, has been questioned by police for conducting a perfectly legitimate science experiment. He and his class were trying to work out the force and weight ratio required against bone and soft tissue, in order to stem the flow of enough neural energy required to be the cheekiest cunt in the classroom. The result being quite a lot of force was required.

"Hello Class 3C, I'm Peter Harvey your new science teacher, and today you're going to learn some fucking respect."

Peter Harvey... Putting the 'dent' in student.

Hi, I'm Peter Harvey, welcome to 'Are You Harder Than a 14-year-old?'


  1. you shouldn't make jokes about this man, he is the best teacher ever at my school!

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