Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The MTV generation needs to die


Date my mom:
This show basically follows one handsome guy as he takes three separate mothers on three separate dates, and then chooses one of their daughters at the end. Obviously the show is heavily influenced by that one dimensional housewives tale that tells us that all women will eventually grow up to act and look like their mothers. What a crock of shit. Unfortunately this show is flawed beyond repair; as the mothers are never worthy of the label MILF and there are no gang bang scenes. The guy is usually a cliched looking jock with a strong defined jawline, who has a cringe-worthy love for making shallow soundbyte remarks that aim to highlight his sensitive side. The mother's are all wrinkly losers who are obviously going through a mid-life crisis. With that crisis being the menopause. The thing that annoys me the most about the mothers is that they usually spend their entire time on camera trying make us, the unfortunate audience, believe that they're still hip and with it. The daughter is usually a slapper who takes money for hand jobs. This show is so flawed and insulting to watch that if it were ever aired in North Korea, we would no doubt have a nuclear war on our hands. If another lifeform across the galaxy somehow managed to pick this shit up, they would destroy their own planet just to ensure that they'll never have to come into contact with us. I should really point out the fact that shows like these are scripted and acted out by C-Class actors. If you think that this is "reality TV", you need to stop what you're doing right now and kill your parents.

Pimp my ride:
The only thing good about this show is the end result of the modified car and Xzibits childish laugh. The same kind of laugh that a young boy lets out when he's pissing off a cliff onto a group of elderly people. Unfortunately, in order to view these "good bits", you have to sit through twenty minutes of cheesy acting and unfunny jokes that make you want to kick a disabled person in the leg. How much does it cost to hire somebody with a sense of humour for fuck sake? HOW did these writers get a job with MTV in the first place? Do they have a fucking chimp as a HR manager? HOW is MTV so detached from reality? I don't know either! It's absolutely incredible. I'm astonished. I really am.

A bunch of slappers on a bus. Unfunny. Shit. This show should never be aired again. The people responsible for it's existence should be hunted down like the dogs that they are and shot. Enough cliches to make you turn off your television and pick up a book. Crappy actors. Bad lines. Everything is just so bad that I'm beginning to think that there is a saboteur within the ranks of the MTV hierarchy. It's that cheesy.

Yo Mommo:
Holy shit. This show is so bad on so many levels that I won't even insult your intelligence by explaining why. If you've never seen this show; don't. If you have seen this show and think that it's funny, I don't want you on my site. Or the Internet.


  1. I stopped watching MTV years ago. Maybe I just grew up or maybe they just stopped playing music and started with all that shite you've just mentioned and more.

    The Osbornes was their fault and I'll never forgive them for unleashing that shower of cunts (Not the Ozmeister himself obviously) on the world.

    1. Uh, right. Whatever you say - or rather post. But like Hellbrain, I also grew to dislike MTV.

  2. I may not like you at all. But I'm similar to you in that I'm against now and forever against MTV.