Sunday, May 3, 2009

Adverts for shaving products - Creativity just suffered a stroke and died.

If there’s one type of television advert that I hate the most, it has to be the one trying to peddle some sort of shaving product. You know the ones where a guy with a chiseled jaw gently caresses the side of his face, while he smiles at himself in such a fit of self-love that you half expect him to start licking the mirror and rubbing shaving foam on his nipples. Fuck off. If somebody caught me smiling at myself in the mirror, they’d probably think that I was doped up on Meth. Who the fuck molests their face for five minutes after they shave? Nobody. Except rapists.

Why do these guys always have to be topless? Are men somehow incapable of not getting foam on their clothes? Can’t a guy shave with a T-Shirt on? Sometimes it’s too cold to be standing in front of a mirror with no top on. And what’s with the towel? Did he really take off his pants just to shave? Or is the advert trying to drive home the point that you shouldn’t part with your stubble without taking a shower first! It’s actually unbelievable how crap and brainless these adverts can be. Lord only knows what goes through the minds of the people who get paid to come up with this shit, but if I was forced to take a guess, I’d have to say nothing.

Oh, and let’s not forgot the randomly placed woman either. Who the fuck is she and why is she annoying me while I shave? This is “me time”, so get the fuck out. I don’t care how good looking you think you are; if you bother me while I’m shaving I’m going to deck you one. You wouldn’t like it if I burst into the bathroom and started hugging you while you were shaving your legs, so why the double standards? Sure, some may argue that this is just a psychological ploy to get men associating such and such a product, with an attraction from members of the opposite sex... but then again, I could refute that point by arguing that somebody who is stupid enough to fall for this kind of bullshit shouldn’t be allowed to have a razor blade in their possession.

What I can't understand is how these companies continue to pump out shitty adverts such as this one, without having at least one person tell them that they're writing department is about as creative as a child molester in a playground.


  1. I dunno, I reckon child molesters in playgrounds have to get very creative these days.

  2. Also remember: one of Sylvester Stallone's first acting jobs was as a "regular guy" endorsing shaving cream. The specific brand I cannot remember, thank God.