Friday, April 17, 2009

Feminists of the world; I apologise

I would like to take this time to reflect on my previous blog post. Truth be told; I went a little over the top. I was being completely immature and probably even a little bit sexist. What with all the references to women making sandwiches and all. And I'm truly sorry. Seriously. I am. Women shouldn't be subjected to this kind of crap. And women certainly shouldn't have their faces covered by boxes of cosmetic products. So, as a good will gesture from me to women all over the world, I have decided to try and fix this vile marketing campaign with my brilliant Photoshop skills.

Although crudely done; I think my point has been made pretty clear. Showing a woman's neck with a piece of metallic-looking cloth wrapped around it (chains anyone?) obviously symbolises the systems goal to try and strangle all femininity. It also represents the enslavement of women. I even bet that those misogynist cunts had a man holding the other end of that cloth, just for kicks. So, I've gone right ahead and taken matters into my own hands. I've used THEIR box against them and covered it up. Hahaha, take that you chauvinistic pigs! You didn't think that you'd have your own weapon of sexism used against you did you? Haha, swivel on that one.

As you might have noticed, I've also taken the time to enlarge her breasts. You see, I reckon that her breasts looked a little bit too small in the original picture. This was probably because the man decided to shrink them. Why? To symbolise conformity of course. Yea! US MEN DON'T HAVE TITS SO WHAT MAKES YOU UPPITY ENOUGH TO THINK THAT YOU CAN! Well ha! Jokes on you now Mr Male Pig! Mr Poopy Headed Sexist Face! I've done the opposite and now her breasts are larger than ever! That'll teach em to stop treating women like objects.


  1. HellBrain - Taking down the patriarchy, one piece at a time.

    1. You're just as bad as Hellbrain for posting that comment, you male-hating sexist! How would you like it if you're male and many female people turned against you just because of your gender?

      People who sexist against males are just as bad as people who sexist against females. If you want people to treat you well, then you should do the same to others.

  2. You apologized?! Ha! Like I'll believe that. If you did apologize, I don't think that you meaned and/or mean it.