Thursday, April 16, 2009


I had the utmost pleasure of happening across a feminist's blog yesterday while searching for angry middle aged women on the Internet. I took a quick look around and realized that the site wasn't really about feminism or the moral crusade for sexual equality; but instead, it was about one woman's mission in life to become the first ever person to have a period on the Internet.

The bitching and the moaning and the whining and the oh for goodness sake woman, will you ever just shut the fuck up. It's women like this, who consistently search for sexist innuendo in ad campaigns and television shows, that end up pushing women back. Not because of "the mans" inherent need to keep "the woman" in her place, but because people simply just hate anyone whose primary focus in life is to complain. Feminists such as this one are like any other kind of fundamentalist being; one-pronged, short-sighted incessant little creatures that simply don't know how to operate as normal individuals without tarring everything in life with their political agendas.

Now I know that seems a little rich coming from somebody who writes as if he was trained in a secret base camp for misogynists, but I write with my tongue stuck firmly in my cheek and if you're not bright enough to see that, well then I care very little for you or your opinion. Not that I would have cared either way but that's besides the point.

I generally like poking at extremists for my own amusement (and for their own good), and in this case, there would be no exceptions. I made my quick introduction to the site by seeking to engage her in a mature intellectual debate about feminism, by commenting on her newest post (at the time) about an upcoming TV show that would star a feminist as the main character. My pressing comment read something like: "And who besides feminazis, would watch such a show?" Overwhelmed by my masculine intellect and wit, she proceeded to warn me that men with penises were not welcome on her blog and that some waiter dude called Manuel who gets shafted every night in work (his words, not mine) would see me to the door if I continued to be a male. It was then that I quickly scurried to try and mend the rift that was ever growing between us by contributing to the thread with my version of how I thought the show should start off.

*start of scene one*
*main character is making sandwiches.*
*end of scene one*

All in that order. But no, unfortunately she wasn't having any of it, because a few hours later, I checked back and was shocked to find out that she had completely proved my feminazi jibe wrong by....

deleting my comment.

So, being the calm and collective individual that I am, I politely raised my concerns with her about how I thought that she was being a little too restrictive, by commenting on one of her newer posts about an ad campaign that covered women's faces with boxes of tinted moisturizer.


  1. That Dante and the something something one. I don't know. I was too busy being sexist to take any great note of the name. Need a link?

  2. Yeah, go on then. I've heard of her, but haven't had the pleasure yet.


    Spend a some time looking around and you'll soon realise how meticulous she is when looking for sexism. She even stated that two outside drinking fountains moulded into the shape of a woman's ass represent a hatred towards women.

  4. Boring.

    Trying to find fault in everything and nitpick really does nothing for me.

    All she does is reinforce the stereotype that feminists are grumpy old women who never had their calls returned after a one night stand too many.

  5. heh, i've been effectively barred from her blog for attempting to debate politely.

  6. I think she just bars anyone with a penis.

    1. Says the hypocrite himself.

  7. As much as I hate feminazis, you're just as hypocritical as they are.