Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Everyone has on opinion

The reason that I sway away from topics concerning politics and current affairs is because right now, all around the world, countless of other fucktards are wasting away in front of their computer screens, sweating in frustration and generally having periods all over the comment sections of online newspaper articles in the hope of having their opinions heard, recognised and more importantly, validated. Egotistical cunts. You know, the funniest thing about all of this is the fact that they've actually fooled themselves into believing that other people actually care for their opinion. Little do they know that arseholes like me scan the first sentence of their comment, realise that it's just another generic pile of horse crap and then head straight off to Youtube to watch videos of female G20 protesters getting hit with police batons.

This is how the world works. Stop wasting your time. Morons.


  1. It's ironic that you complain about those people when you behave just like them. It's also ironic that you called them egotistical when you come off as being that way. Pathetic.

  2. Before tellin' other people to quit wasting their time, start by refraining from wasting your time by makin' stupid-ass blogs like this.